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Our approach to website design:

You want a website so that your name and your service or product will be noticed. That means you want a website which looks good no matter what browser software your clients have, or what their monitor resolution and color depth.

A website

  • which downloads quickly
  • which is easy to read for those without 20/20 vision
  • which presents your content efficiently

We at Willowbrook Designs keep these basic requirements in mind. Our goal is for your clients to tell you how easy it is to navigate your site, and how fast it loaded.

Good design is...

  • graphics that are the right size, in the right place
  • backgrounds that enhance your message
  • bullets, icons, bars that aid navigation
  • links that work
  • text color and size that is readable
  • proper grammar and spelling
  • easy to update


Animations can enhance your message and your site. They can draw your visitor's attention to important points in an entertaining and colorful manner. We design and make custom animations... specific to your site and your needs.

Sample animations

A sampling of websites:


Art and artists

Other sites

Elizabeth Moon
Alexis Glynn Latner
Jody Lynn Nye
Aether, online Austin arts magazine
Art Austin
Capital Fine Art
Gallery Shoal Creek

Rene Alvarado
Margie Crisp
Melissa Cox Ladd
William B. Montgomery
Eliza K Thomas
80 Acres
Allandale Quartet
James Alan Cox Foundation for Student Photographers
Duhon Dance
Matiss Duhon, Juggler
Huntington-Surrey School
Olive and Stone, Greek island rental homes
River of Contrasts, book
The Speed of Dark, book

Design by Message & Media, coding by Willowbrook Designs:
Kappa Sigma Tau Trustees, Univ. of Texas
The Kinney Company Real Estate
Patrick Slattery ArtWorks
Transpective Business Consulting



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